Since my first human sexuality class in high school, I have been interested in inviting people to explore their relationship to their own sexuality and how sexuality, intimacy and eroticism are expressed in relationships.  Over 20 years later, working with individuals and couples to uncover their own language of sexuality, explore the corners of their erotic minds and develop an understanding of how their early experiences and messages of sexuality and gender connect to their current sexual expressions has become one of my passions. I strive to create space for each person to find their connection and separateness within their relationships and within themselves.

In couples therapy and discussing sexuality, we will be exploring each partners personal history, sexual history, desire, erotic mind, fantasy, pornography and many other important topics.  Over the life span of a relationship, sexuality changes as our lives and circumstances do. Through therapy, focusing on sexuality, you can gain tools to adapt and express ever changing desires, feelings and deeper understanding. 

Talking about sex is often difficult. There may be times when I assign homework to assist in reflecting on your sexual and erotic experiences, wants, and desires. Homework will be done in the privacy of your own home. There is no sexual activity in the office or sexual surrogacy.

I am co- founder of Upwell, Center for Relationships, Gender and Sexuality ( with my colleague and friend Caroline Russell Smith, LCSW-R ( We offer courses and workshops in various aspects of love, sex, relationships and gender.