I believe in a strong connection between mind and body. As a therapist and a yoga instructor I often use body and breathing techniques to assist individuals, couples and groups to access and explore physiological responses to emotions in the body.

I facilitate yoga therapy groups for individuals with body image issues and eating disorders. I also facilitate various couples yoga workshops which encourage couples to explore their sense of themselves as individuals and their relationship to one another.


Trauma Sensitive Yoga

I facilitate groups and individual yoga sessions for people struggling with symptoms related to trauma. Trauma sensitive yoga focuses on increasing each persons capacity to connect to themselves and their bodies in a relaxed and safe manner. Drawing on neuroscience research, trauma theory and attachment theory,  yoga helps to increase interoceptive awareness, increase empowerment and decrease many physical responses to trauma and above all encourage choice and safety. There are no physical assists in group or individual yoga sessions.



Yoga for Anxiety Relief

Join us for a 4 week workshop to explore and practice managing your anxiety through different breath techniques and yoga postures. Each 90 minute session will incorporate discussion and application of the mind-body connection that contributes to suffering and yet also heals. We will learn about the importance of the nervous system, its contribution to mental health habits and physical experiences related to anxious and calm states. This workshop will provide you with skills you can take into your daily life to better manage anxiety in the moment, and help you decrease vulnerability to future anxiety.

Taught by two local psychotherapists, each week will focus on a different topic related to anxiety. There will be a brief meditation, lecture/discussion time followed by 45 minutes of yoga practice. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of practitioners, including those who are new to yoga.